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Denise Meridith testimonials, about Denise Meridith

  • “I have known Denise Meridith since she arrived in Phoenix with the Bureau of Land Management, and subsequently managed her own public relations firm and non-profit youth sports organization. During the past  20+ years, I have admired her dedication to helping local governments, private businesses and non-profits enhance our quality of life here in Arizona." JERRY COLANGELO, Partner, JDM Partners and Managing Director. USA Men’s Basketball 
  • “Denise Meridith is a powerful, positive, engaging and inspiring individual!  She is wealth of information and experience that literally encompasses the tools you need as an entrepreneur and business owner. Denise is truly the epitome of a natural leader as she engages every industry that it takes to build a thriving community in Arizona and national. Working with Denise is a must if you are looking to move to the next level.”-DR. VERNET A. JOSEPH, World Civility Ambassador-National Statesmen-Speaker-Serial Entrepreneur-Founder of Live to Produce Enterprises 
  • “Women in Arizona are strong in small business.  I believe that over 50% of businesses in Arizona are women-owned, most of these businesses qualify as small business.  Small business will lead economic recovery in Arizona.  Women are at the forefront. Denise is a great communicator and experienced professional, who demonstrates exceptional marketing and pubic relations skills.  I know her to be a problem-solver, who successfully works through challenging and complex issues.”-BETSEY BAYLESS, Former Arizona Secretary of State and  President Emeritus at Maricopa Integrated Health System